Thursday, 03 March 2022 14:49

C'mon, let's play ball!

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It's been a long time since baseball was America's pastime -- can you say, "Hello NFL?!?!" -- but is this latest work stoppage the proverbial nail in Major League Baseball's coffin?

It's early March.  Baseball is supposed to be here for us to remind us winter IS almost over;  sunshine and hot dogs await.

But while the billionaires duke it out with the millionaires, we become more and more apathetic toward the tradition that bonded so many fathers and sons, once upon a time.

Fortuntately, the lockout does not affect minor league baseball.  Our very own Akron RubberDucks get set to begin defense of their 2021 league championship at Canal Park in mere weeks.  Easy access to the games; easy parking; affordable enough to take the whole family.

And we'll see you out there on Saturday nights again this season for WONE Nights, complete with fireworks and giveaways.

You know what, maybe MINOR league baseball is still America's pastime....  

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