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The Browns Need a New Head Coach...Again?

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Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski emerged from his well-deserved winter hibernation on Tuesday and promptly said the Browns need...better coaching in 2021?!?!  This is the same guy who was just named the NFL's 2020 Coach of the Year in his first year as a head coach, right?  

But I absolutely love the mindset.  As fans (of whichever NFL team, really) we have just grown to expect the Browns won't be any good.  And while the 2020 season has to be deemed a tremendous success for the franchise, it should not be considered the standard.  The Browns are still quite a ways away from the ultimate goal -- hoisting the Lombardi Trophy as Super Bowl champions.  There is a lot to build on, but this is no time for complacency, and the very astute Stefanski knows that.  He's not about to let his extremely talented core of players be satisfied and rest on their laurels.

One of the oldest questions in sports has been, "Is it harder to get to the top...or harder to stay on top?"  And while the former might seem to be true for the Browns, as evidenced by the past quarter century, the latter is actually true.  Teams now know what the Browns have -- and that the Browns CAN pull it all together.  Stefanski realizes that the schemes and stunts that worked this past season, are now in the wide open view for the rest of the league...and they'll be ready.  And that's where coaching comes in.  A great coach rarely wins games; he puts his players in a position to win games. 

And to do that year-after-year, a coach must get better.  Like a true leader, Kevin Stefanski gets that.  It took a while, but the Browns finally got it right.  Enjoy the ride.


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