Tuesday, 04 August 2020 22:33

Dick Goddard

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It was hard not to know who Dick Goddard was if you grew up in Northeast Ohio. The Green native who studied meteorology in the service came into our living rooms every night to tell us how to dress for the weather the next day. Dick was a solid forecaster although not above a little self-deprecating humor. He used to joke about getting the forecast wrong and "waking up to six inches of partly cloudy." Or the occasional slip of the tongue such as referring to a "cold air mass" as a "cold mare's ass." I’m thankful our professional paths crossed a couple times. Back in my TV23 weatherman days, I called him one night for some insight about a winter storm. It was a stretch to call the Channel 8 newsroom during their 11pm broadcast to speak with Dick Goddard but I took my shot. They just took my message and hung up the phone. But a few moments later he called me back, apologized for not being available for my earlier call, told me he was combing his “35 mph hair,” then asked how he could help me. Rest in a sunny peace, Mr Goddard. Your stature in North East Ohio media was surpassed by only your politeness and good nature.

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