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The Lizard King You're NOT!

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It's time again to rock that trip down memory lane. We learn in some cases, Rock trumps Politics, fans do have a say, the strong and not so strong R&R marriages, and finally, "I knew him when." Shall we begin?

2007 - In a classic case of "first come, first served," Vienna's Imperial Hotel turned down then President George W. Bush's request to stay in the hotel's luxury suite because Mick Jagger had already booked the room. Awkward!

2003 - From the "If I'm paying money to see you perform, ya better show up sober!" department comes this story of four fans sued Creed singer Scott Stapp for being too intoxicated to sing or even remember the lyrics to his songs at a Chicago show one year before. They wanted reimbursed for the price of their tickets and parking fees, ($227). There was talk of a class action lawsuit for the 15,000 fans in attendance that would have amounted to about $2 million bucks. The band offered only an apology and told fans that they had witnessed "the most unique of all Creed shows." Wow! How rock & roll is that?

2003 - Sinead O'Connor announced her retirement from the music biz saying she wanted to live as a normal person and asked for her privacy to be respected. Evidently, she got her wish.

1992 - David Bowie's attraction to Somali fashion model Iman, (whose name in Spanish literally means magnet), was solidified with a walk down the aisle. The marriage would be "til death do us part" as they were together until the Starman left this Earthly plane in 2016. The couple had one daughter, Lexi Jones, who turns 20 this summer.

1984 - Jerry Lee Lewis took his sixth walk down the aisle to a bride 26 years his junior. He would make that trip down the aisle again in 2012 with wife #7.

1961 - Harry Belafonte pays a young session musician $50 to play harmonica on the song "Midnight Special." That harp player was a cat named Bob Dylan.

I'll end this episode by pointing out today is "National Pigs In A Blanket Day." That piqued my sense of irony because that kind of describes all of us in these days of lockdown, don't you think? So wrap your weinies in crescent roll dough and have a good weekend. Tim out!

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