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Something Rockin' in Denmark

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Welcome back! I hope you had a good weekend and are still coping during the lock-down. It's a new week and some of the following bits take us back to the days when our rock heroes were just fresh faced kids bringing their stuff to the masses for the very first time. I've got some that may surprise you so read on my seeker of rock truths.

2015 - AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd pleaded guilty to some dirty deeds in New Zealand. He was charged with hiring a hit man to kill someone. There was also a drug possession charge.

1996 - Tickets went on sale for a long-awaited KISS reunion tour. It was the band's first tour in 15 years and included all four original members in full make-up and costumes.

1993 - Aerosmith released "Get A Grip," their first ever album to debut at #1 on the charts. It went on to sell seven million copies and garner two Grammy Awards for the band. There were lots of great big hit songs on it but my favorite is still "Eat The Rich."

1991 -  Steve Marriot, singer/guitarist for Small Faces and Humble Pie, died in a house fire. He was 44.

1987 - Ozzy Osbourne released "Tribute." It was a live album recorded with guitarist Randy Rhoads who died in a plane crash five years before.

1976 - The Rolling Stones released "Black & Blue." The billboard campaign to promote it sparked a controversy for which the band later apologized.

1970 - Elton John made his concert debut opening for T.Rex in London. 

1963 - The Rolling Stones opened for The Beatles in Richmond, England. It was the first time the two bands had met.

1968 - A group named Deep Purple first hit the stage in Denmark.

With baseball still on lock down, some happy b'days to share are: Fenway Park (1912) and Wrigley Field (1916). Others are: "Talkies" (Vitaphone, a process that added sound to film, 1926). Did you know the first talking picture was "The Jazz Singer" starring Al Jolson performing in black face? Today's standards would scuttle any thoughts of a remake of that one! The last remake was 40 years ago but Neil Diamond was not in black face. Thanks for reading. Join me every day from 2-7pm when I "talkie" at you on The Home of Rock & Roll and check back here often to see what happened...This Week In Rock.



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