Monday, 12 August 2019 12:09

The Vinyl Word - To Keep or Get Rid Of

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My wife Sue and I are moving. With 5 adult kids between us who have moved on into their own places, we simply don't need that much room anymore, to say nothing of the maintenance. We're downsizing to a condo but we're torn about our extensive album colllection, It's impressive, culled her and my many years in radio, as well as those of our late spouses - both of whom were also in radio. Vinyl is cool again. Back in vogue so to speak. Some believe it gives a richer, warmer sound to their favorite music. But the idea of moving all those albums and finding space for them all in a smaller home has us thinking, "Do They Stay or Do They GO? Compact is good. Less is more, right? These days with streaming services and Bluetooth technology we can call up our favorite songs with a simple vocal command. What would you do? 

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