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Kathy Vogel is a NE Ohio radio veteran who’s worked on-air in Cleveland, Akron, and Canton. She was the host of the Emmy-nominated children’s TV show “Ask Gilby”, and has appeared in several indie films. In addition, Kathy is a voice over artist, award-winning screenwriter, and founder of Crack Wise Magazine.
Kathy married into a rock & roll family: Her father in- law is world-class drummer Joe Vitale, and her husband is Joe Jr., frontman of the band Ravenwood. In her spare time, Kathy enjoys wine, friends and family, and laughter.


Tuesday, 04 January 2022 07:39

In the Air Tonight

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You might want to grab a beverage for this one. I was *today years old* when I discovered that Phil Collins hates Paul McCartney. HATES him. But why? Let Phil tell it: "I met him when I was working at the Buckingham Palace party back in 2002. McCartney came up…
Wednesday, 29 December 2021 10:16

Good Luck

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At the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve we do all kinds of things to ensure good luck for the next year. I love these little brain nugs. Let's see if they work for 2022! 1. Kissing someone at midnight: Somehow, this tradition got messed up over the decades.…
Monday, 27 December 2021 07:16

My Menagerie

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I will always have a soft spot for stuffed animals. They're so soft and adorable, and... comforting. Over the years, I've accumulated quite the menagerie. I've joked with my hubs that we need a 4th bedroom to accomodate my growing "zoo". I had mentioned to my hubs in passing that…
Wednesday, 22 December 2021 07:44

Just the Facts

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With Christmas right around the corner, how much do you really know about the holiday? Here are a couple of fun facts to drop on your family and friends during your gathering. You’ll either look like a genius, or everyone will assume you’ve been hittin’ the ‘nog hard. Either way,…
Thursday, 16 December 2021 06:56

Bridge Out

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I love it when our town makes national news! In this case, Akron is in the spotlight for something strange that happened here. A bridge was stolen. A walking bridge. It was no longer being used, and was going to be repurposed by the city. But thieves just had to…
Tuesday, 14 December 2021 08:10


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Some people aren’t eggnog fans. And that’s okay. Because this holiday drink is like eggnog, but better. Coquito is a Puerto Rican rum classic. It’s rich and heavy, and delightful. Enjoy! Coquito Ingredients• 2 c. white rum• 3 cans evaporated milk• 1 15-oz. can cream of coconut• 1 can condensed…
Thursday, 09 December 2021 10:32

Herbs & Spices

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... roasting on an open fire... Your entire homestead could smell like a bucket of finger-lickin'-good KFC chicken. For a third holiday season in a row, KFC is selling a fireplace log that smells oh-so-yummy.  These gems are sold exclusively at Walmart for $15.88. But there's more! This year, KFC…
Tuesday, 07 December 2021 09:32

Tasty Balls

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These balls are a blast! Boozy Christmas balls! If you wanna deck the halls, and possibly end up lying in the hallway... these are a must for your Christmas tree or for someone you cherish over a jug of moonshine. You can grab this six pack for $19.99 on Amazon.…
Wednesday, 01 December 2021 09:51

Together Again

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It's such a bummer when your favorite band calls it quits. It seems like they worked so hard to "make it" and then the dramz kicks in and... Sigh. Rolling Stone mag compiled a list of bands most likely to reunite and the odds. They also dropped a list of…
Monday, 29 November 2021 09:56

"Now I Have a Machine Gun"...

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I opened a can of worms (purposely) on social media when I said the hubs and I were watching our favorite Christmas movie, Die Hard. For us, it's a tradition to watch on Friday night. Because on Thanksgiving night we watch Thankskilling (look it up-- horrible movie made in Ohio.) …
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