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Gettin' It Done

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The garage is the place to be! So many businesses started there: Disney, Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Virgin, Amazon, Google... and maybe Inifinity Laser Engraving Company. In Concord, 18-year-old Jeremy Coller operates three high-powered CO2 laser machines. Gifts, promo items, and signs are a big chunk of his business-- which is now a full-time thing for him. His original career plan was to become a typewriter oil salesman. When he found out the high price of having something engraved that he needed for that career, he figured he could just do his own engraving! A few years ago, he joined the Willoughby Western Lake County Chamber of Commerce as its youngest member. And that opened so many doors for him

He hopes to expand his business one day to include plasma cutting and powder coating. 

This dude is getting it done! And he's got a great philosophy: “You just got to keep trying. Just keep going at it all the time. Even if things are slow, things will pick up again.It's just one of those things just got to keep rolling with it and see what happens.”




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