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Look! I'm In A Book!!

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I received a book in my work mail recently. "Aerosmith to ZZ Top; A Dad & Daughter's Rock & Roll Journey" tells the story of this duo seeing more than 200 performers in 58 unique venues on a trek spanning over 27,000 miles and chance meetings with the rockers along the way. 

The cool thing about this book is it is written by father and daughter Terry and Moira Armstrong. The two bonded over their shared love of classic rock and attending concerts which is something I have loved doing with my own children.

It's not out of the ordinary for me to receive items such as this in the mail to peruse and perhaps mention on the air but something struck me as I began to flip through the pages. They gave me a shout out, right there on page 174! This was definitely a first for me. To Terry and Moira, I say I am humbled and deeply grateful for including me in this book about your trek. I have enjoyed reading your stories. 

Pick it up if you see it. It's a good read.

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