Thursday, 15 April 2021 15:37

The Beatles VS The Stones

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This weekend, 97.5 WONE will pit The Beatles against The Rolling Stones by starting each hour, (Friday 3-9p, Saturday & Sunday 10a-10p), with back-to-back songs from each of the combatants. Cast your vote here at and you could win a prize, (see our site for details).

Now, we don't expect to crown a champion to this 60+ year old debate which will likely go on for a century and beyond. We know it boils down to personal preference; you can like them both or neither. Or you can take sides, for instance David Crosby recently came out for The Beatles backed by the strength of their harmonies while the late Michael Stanley would say he grew up an avowed Stones' fan because he liked their ballsier approach to rock.

All of this put me in mind of a fun article Rolling Stone magazine put out nearly one year ago. In it, Mick Jagger himself cleverly replied to Paul McCartney's claim that his band was the better of the two. Read Mick's comeback here. The Beatles VS The Stones; the debate rages on. 

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