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#TBT My 1978 MSB Concert Review

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In the last week since his passing, many have shared how private a man Michael Stanley was so I would have to believe that even he might feel a little embarrassed by all the deserved attention he's getting. That being said, I hope he, (and you), would forgive me the little indulgence attached to today's blog.

After we learned of his death, an old friend of mine named John Furman reached out and said he still had a copy of the review I wrote for our high school newspaper after The Michael Stanley Band played our gymnasium in 1978. I'll admit I was a little nervous to read it, wondering if I would be totally embarrassed by my novice writing style. Michael Stanley was after all my first rock-star, backstage interview and I was starstruck. I am happy to say it's kind of held up. Reading it nearly 43 years later, it speaks to the excitement I and everyone else had the night MSB played in that packed gym.

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