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It Ain't Personal, It's Business!

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HI again! In this episode, we get examples of the sometimes uglier business side of rock & roll, proving again that what seems so personally unthinkable is only,

2018 - Fleetwood Mac made a startling announcement that long-time member Lyndsey Buckingham was out as the band's guitarist and being replaced by Mike Campbell of the late Tom Petty's Heartbreakers and Neil Finn of Crowded House. I hope he took solace in the fact that it took two guys to replace him. 

2004 - It took a thousand bucks and some anger management courses to get Motley Crue's Vince Neil off the hook for assaulting a prostitute from a Carson City,Nevada brothel. That's so unlike him.

2003 - Paul McCartney bought the rights to the entire song catalog of Carl Perkins, the Rock-A-Billy singer known for the song "Blue Suede Shoes." It was a good business move and one Paul had done before. Remember when he coached Michael Jackson on this kind of biz dealing, then MJ surprisingly outbid Paul for the Beatles' catalog? Good times!

1970 - In another business move involving Sir Paul, he officially quit The Beatles.

1969 - It was "love bidness" that brought David Bowie to meet his future wife, Angela Barnett, at a London club. Both were there to see Robert Fripp's new band King Crimson. Mick Jagger would later sing a song about Ms. Barnett. It was called "Angie," (or Eye--EEE-Uhn-Jay if you sing along).

1965 - Mick and his band, The Rolling Stones, make their first appearance on British TV guesting on a show called, "Ready Steady Go!"

And finally because so many are missing baseball these days, some Happy B'days go to:  (1965) The Houston Astrodome where the Astros beat them damn Yankees in an exhibition game; (1913) Ebbets Field, home of the Brooklyn Dodgers; (1912) The first exhibition game at Fenway Park where the Red Sox outlasted Harvard in front of 3,000 shivering fans on a day not fit for baseball. Sounds like some opening days for the Tribe in the CLE.

Alright, that's it, Fort Pitt. Remeber to keep your distance and be well, friends. Thanks for reading and catch me next time. 

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