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The little record with the BIG HOLE

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In "This week in Rock," Jimi went pyro, another Jimmy nearly gets knifed, fans of the Boss need a raise to afford two new albums, a music delivery system turns 71 and more so... here we go!

2004 - Ozzy Osbourne announced he was reforming Black Sabbath for a summer tour. It would land at Blossom Music Center on August 19th with a line-up that featured Rob Halford back with Judas Priest.

1995 - A crazed concert-goer was arrested for allegedly trying to stab Jimmy Page with a pocketknife backstage at a Page/Plant show in Detroit. He claimed the band was "satanic."

And in 1976 - Led Zeppelin released "Presence" on their own Swan Song label. I loved it and it still holds up well with many Zep fans. The critics didn't care for it so much but hey, that's Nobody's Fault But Theirs.

1992 - Bruce Springsteen made his fans open their wallets twice when he released two new albums simultaneously: "Human Touch" and "Lucky Town." OK, he didn't actually MAKE them do it. I guess they could've waited for another paycheck or record it from a friend like I did.

1967 - Jimi Hendrix kicked off his first British tour on a double-bill with Cat Stevens. It also marked the first time he set his guitar ablaze on stage.

1958 - "Johnny B. Goode" by Chuck Berry was released. It made it to only #8 on the U.S. singles chart.

Happy April First B'days go out to: The Eiffel Tower (1889), New York's LaGuardia Airport (1940), Sci-Fi classic "The Matrix" (1999), Gmail (2004), and finally the 45 RPM record, introduced by RCA Victor this week in 1949.

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