Monday, 25 January 2021 10:56

No Clydesdales! Wassup With That?

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Super Bowl LV (55, if your roman numeral recognition is rusty), is set. Tom Brady, the NFL's elder statesman, and the TB Bucaneers take on young football phenom Pat Mahomes and the KC Chiefs. This is going to look like so many other Super Bowl games with last year's winning team taking on a guy who's marking his tenth appearance in one. Are you bored? Are you jaded? Has your enthusiasm faded? 

There will however be much that looks different about this Super Bowl. First off, only 22,000 in attendance, a mere third of what Raymond James' Stadium holds. Gone are the classic rock artists for the halftime show, instead we get the Weeknd, (and that's not a typo).

If you watch the "big game" for the commercials like so many of us do, you may be surprised to learn that some iconic brands will not be seen. For instance Coke and Pepsi brands will not advertise and now, nor will Budweiser. That's not to say you'll see no Bud brands but the old faithful, Red Jacket Buds will not be on. No Clydesdales, no bullfrogs, no "wassup!" But there is actual good reasoning behind why Anheuser-Busch made this call. Read more here. 

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