Friday, 01 January 2021 13:26

Happy Birthday, WONE!

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97.5 WONE celebrates another trip around the sun today. When you think about it, so much could have changed over the last 36 years but WONE has remained a steadfast rock station through and through. Music styles change, formats, and personnel change but everyone will always associate these call letters with Rock & Roll. WONE is a heritage station and that is and always will be our heritage. 

We've had a little tradition here at WONE. Every new year's day morning at 6 am, we play a clip of audio from January 1st, 1985 when the official announcement was made that changed WAEZ, "Easy 97," to 97.5 WONE, the ONE for More Variety and Less Repetition playing Classic Adult Rock. As a courtesy to those of you who may have slept in, (or were sleeping off a hard New Year's Eve party from the night before), and missed it -- Click here and hear how a radio station is born.



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