Monday, 10 February 2020 08:44

Competition With Class

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They say, "to the victor go the spoils" but the closing of a Montrose area grocery store brought out the class in one of its competitors. Earth Fare, whose goods lean more towards the natural and organic, announced it would be shutting down its entire chain. Read the story here

 Akron like most cities has its share of grocery stores, nearly a half a dozen or more by my count, but Earth Fare came in to cater to a niche market of people looking for more unique and perhaps healthier brands. To that end, its main competition was Whole Foods and the  locally-owned Mustard Seed Market with two locations on the opposite sides of town. MSM stepped up and released the above statement wishing its former competitor well. Pure class. Now yes I know it's also a bit of an advertising ploy to woo EF's customers over to them but I just wanted to take the time to recognize MSM's sense of fair play and respect to others who are trying to suceed in this era when seemingly everything can be bought on line and delivered to your door

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