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Monday, 20 January 2020 14:10

Happy National Disc Jockey Day!

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Hey everybody, it's National Disc Jockey Day! That special day set aside, (by whom - I don't know), to honor those men & women who aren't afraid to turn on a hot microphone and talk about whatever comes to their minds. Their disembodied voices pumping out of speakers and car radios everywhere and that's just how they prefer it because many don't want you to watch them doing what they do. Untold millions, thousands, or even hundreds of people could be listening to you at any time. It's all I ever wanted to do when I was growing up and I've made a decent living at it. I liked music but never played an instrument. My instrument was my mouth and it ran all the time. It's been a fun career. Some would say the "toughest job a lazy man could have." Gone are the discs, though. Most of the music is stored away on a hard drive somewhere. These days we are called "radio presenters" or "on-air personalities," (provided we have one). I hope you are reading between my tongue-in-cheek lines here. I've enjoyed being a Disc Jockey who actually used to jockey discs and maybe I'm a little embarassed by there being a day set aside to "honor" us. A little research showed we share this day with other more important celebrations such as, oh you know...Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Elementary School Teacher Day, International Day of Acceptance, National Day of Service, and even Penguin Awareness Day.
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