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Is Morgan Freeman Really Jimi Hendrix?

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Don't you love a good conspiracy theory? Especially the ones wherein notable people fake their death only to "resurrect" years later. Remember when a long-dead Elvis Presley was discovered working at a Burger King in Kalamazoo, Michigan? Yeah, that was a Whopper so to speak! And did Jim Morrison really die in Paris? And is he really buried in a widely visited grave in Père Lachaise Cemetery? Doors' keyboardist Ray Manzarek used to fuel this rumour by saying, "No one saw the body before it was interred, man!" Whatever! 

Here's the latest and perhaps the greatest. Some are now saying Jimi Hendrix escaped the music business rigors by faking death by asphyxiation and reinvented himself as actor Morgan Freeman! The argument is slim. I think all they're going on is the resemblance between the two men due to time progression but that's almost racist,  like saying, "they all look the same to me." Another angle could be the actor's last name. "Jimi became a 'free man' when he shed his Jimi Hendrix persona!" Nope, not buying it. 

You could say this theory is the holiest because of the obvious "holes" in the story. Treat yourself to the story which debunks this cockamamie idea. 

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