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2016 All Over Again? Let's Hope Not!

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With the deaths of Eddie Money and now Ric Ocasek, we've lost two classic rockers in less than a week. It put me in mind of three years ago when the deaths of rockers were coming at an alarming rate. One day following the funeral of Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead came the news of David Bowie's passing. Glenn Frey's death came about a week later, like a one-two punch in the gut! Both Keith Emerson and Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake, & Palmer died in 2016 and we were all shocked at the overdose death of Prince that year. And there were many others but unlike 2016, we can take some comfort in knowing 2019 is more than half over. If you will allow me to get heavy and philosophical here, no one on this earth is promised a tomorrow and people in all walks of life die every day. Yes, some rockers succumbed to the hard lifestyle of drugs, others by suicide or illness but others simply came to their "time." But it's like that for everyone. Some of these rockers have been with us for forty or more years and none of us are getting any younger. In the case of Ric Oscasek, he was 75 and early reports say he died of natural causes. My Dad, who himself died way too young, used to kid and say, "Do you know why they put fences around cemeteries? People are just dying to get in." What'dya know, a Dad Joke before they had that name. I guess my point is hug the ones you love, be thankful for the artists whose art you value and live everyday as if it's your last. 


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