Thursday, 29 August 2019 10:45

Here We Go Brownies, Here We Go! (Woof-Woof)

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The Browns are at home to play the Lions in one more pre-season game. It's a 7:30 kick-off. Catch all the action here on 97.5 WONE. They've had a strong pre-season but that's all wiped away after tonight. The real test happens between the final whistle tonight and the Titans game one week from this Sunday. Coach Kitchens and his assistants will make the final determination on the team personnel they will field. Baker and OBJ are a lock certainly as are Landry, Garrett, and Ward. After the dismal seasons we've witnessed the last several years, this one has promise and we're excited to be part of it again. The naysayers will scoff, "Slow down, Browns fans. Don't order those Super Bowl rings yet." They're probably just jealous that it's cool to be a Browns Fan again and we will be out in full force on the national stage a couple times this season. Click here to plan your season accordingly. Go Browns!!


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