Wednesday, 28 August 2019 07:18

Boxes of Guilt

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Boxes of Guilt is a term my wife and I call the mountains of pictures we both collected while raising our respective families. These pictures date back to the lives we had with our respective late spouses. Now, we're facing a downsizing move to smaller quarters and we wonder what we should do with all these boxes of photos. They're just photos afterall but they also represent memories. Between us, Sue and I raised five kids so you can imagine all the school pics, first birthday pics, grade school and high school graduation pics, first date pics. And let's just throw in the pics of family members no longer with us for good measure. Do you see our dilemma? Current technology makes it so much easier today. We can snap and save to our phones, post to our socials where they can reside forever, and just as quickly delete the ones we don't like. I guess that is what made it easier for me to sift through all those physical photos and decide which ones I could live without and which ones I need to keep. One solution would be to digitize all these pics but that too would be a daunting task. We've asked the kids if there are any they want to keep and the answer always comes back "no!" I get it. I don't need to see my second grade self ever again. So I'm right on the verge of dumping the box of discards and writing this is my way of asking permission. Let that be noted here so in another 10, 15, or 20 years when my kids or grandkids ask, "where is that one picture you took of me when I lost my first tooth?" I will be guilt free when I tell them I threw it away a long time ago. Who am I kidding. Of course I'll feel guilty 


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