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The Zombies Celebrate Woodstock's 50th Anniversary

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This year is the 50th Anniversary of the Woodstock Music and Art Fair that took place August 15th through the 17th, 1969, in Bethel, New York.  I would be lying to you if I said I was there.  Acutally I was in my hometown of Mexico, MO awaiting my 14th birthday which would happen 9 days after Woodstock ended and getting ready to become a freshman in High School.  Over the years I have probably see every videotaped performance though, but now you can join the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland for a Woodstock 50th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, August 17th.  On that day the Rock Hall welcomes 2019 inductees, The Zombies for a celebration of peace, love and music. 

The Zombies will perform on the Rock Hall Live stage, Saturday, August 17th, at 3 p.m..  Making a special appearance during the show are original members and fellow Inductees Hugh Grundy and Chris White.

Fans can also enjoy great new exhibits all weekend long.  Relive the iconic music festival on it's anniversary weekend with the Rock Hall's 50 exhibit, featuring rare prints, performance outfits, video footage, tickets and original signage.  You can even see the snare drum used by Hugh Grundy for all the 1960's recordings, including the hits "She's Not There" and "Time of the Season" (my favorite Zombies song), among other items.

So, if you are like me and were too young to take in the Woodstock Music and Art Fair, live, in 1969, you can still relive this weekend where Rock and Roll Music History was made.  Wishing you peace, love and rock and roll.




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