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It's clean - You're just not looking! (My husband is a saint)

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I know Jeff & I poke my poor husband pretty hard on the air, but when it comes right down to it, I'm a lucky girl. That man is A-OK, but he hates surprises. You know how opposites attract? 

Jason (aka Hubs) travels here and there for work. This is fun for me because it leaves me SUPER UNSUPERVISED to make MESSES! It is also fun for him because it's like a surprise to see what he will find every time he comes home! To help you out here, some of the things he has come home to include (but are not limited to) pulling into the driveway to find it filled with our living room carpet that had been completely intact when he left. There was also the time I cut a pine tree down that was as tall as our two story house while he was a t work one day. One his favorites was they day I had had enough of the tiles on the bathroom breaking free so I broke them ALL free (with no real game plan in mind). See???? SURPRISES! 

While I still might rip any part of our home up at any given moment without warning, I have offered small, but exciting surprises in the past couple weeks. See, we have this craft/ blanket closet in the hall. In the past year, the blankets have been piling up in the center in a giant pile, the craft stuff has been lost into the abyss, and every time I do a craft with my scouts, or a project around the house I find it just easier to buy new supplies... then shove the random remnants in the closet. At some point a jar of loose glitter got dumped in there, so when you take out a blanket glitter goes everywhere. Lets be real here, I'll be vacuuming that up for years to come. I decided I was done with this nonsense! I ripped everything out of the closet & now it so organized & beautiful. Sometimes I just open the door and flip on the light to admire how beautiful it is. 

Then a few days later I was trying to find a certain left shoe... my shoes had avalanched into a pile at the bottom of the closet at some point and I said ENOUGH! I pulled everything out of the closet and went through all my shoes. I got rid of an entire kitchen bag of shoes, then organized them. It's not as beautiful as the craft closet, but still a breath of fresh air. 

Then, a few days later I went grocery shopping. I brought the groceries home and went to put them away in the fridge, suddenly the little bottles of old expired salad dressing started calling my name. You guessed it. My fridge is so clean inside that it looks brand new! 

So in come Hubs from his travels. He looks around and asked if there was some sort of struggle, or perhaps someone broke in and ransacked the place. Then he asked if the vacuum was broken... "NO! I've been cleaning!!" 


I then proceed to show him all of the beautiful things I have done like a 6 year-old showing you their newest creation. (see pics of my handy work below) He smiles, shakes his head and says, "I'm going to run the vacuum." I do love him! 

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