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Me and Dorothy

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Warning! This will be a sad one...

I am one of those people who think it is wrong, wrong, wrong to decorate for Christams before Thanksgiving. This year however, I really don't care what the calendar says. I need joy and sparkles and wonder in my life and if putting a giant tree in my livingroom covered in lights can bring me a little bit of happiness than by George, put up 10! As I was unwrapping the Nativity Scene my mother hand painted me so many years ago, Dorothy Reichman caught my eye. She passed away on November 24, 2014. I use the page her obituary was printed on to keep my weary travelers safe each year. Then I thought about the obituaries that will be in this Sunday's papers. Whose angels will be wrapped in them for the years to come? Let me go back a bit...

It all started on November 7th. My Aunt Janet was dying. She knew it. She lived in Arkansas and had no family there. She wanted to be with family so she had her bed wheeled up into a plane and rolled right to Akron. My mom never left her side from the moment she landed. My other Aunt, who is 87, was there by her side every day as well. We all were. It had been so long since we were all together. Somewhere along the way, we stopped getting together. We still keep in touch through social media and see each other at weddings and.. well... There's no reason for it. We aren't one of those families that fight. We all get along and hug each other and everything! We just let our busy lives get in the way. My aunt brought us together. We had her here with us for a little over a week. That week was filled with so much love and joy! She gave that to us. It was the most wonderful week... except you know... Aunt Janet passed away on the 16th with my mom holding her hand telling her she loved her and my other aunt on the phone telling her she loved her. It was actually quite a beautiful death. Her obituary will be in Sunday's paper.

The next blow was when we learned of Gnarly's passing. Like Aunt Janet's, we knew it was coming. I wasn't able to get to Gnarly in his final days to see him. I was caught up in my own grief and told myself that I would see him after I got off the air Monday. Shortly after I got off the air Monday morning was when we recieved the news. I know better than to put off to tomorrow what should be done today. For that I'm sorry. I hope Gnarly knows how much I loved him and his big heart, his big personality and his laugh! He was a genuine guy. He gushed about his wife, Robin, that boy was stupid in love. He talked abut his daughters and his grandkids and his sister all the time. If it was worth doing, it was worth doing right with Gnarly - whether it was loving his family, his work ethic, fishing or drinking. Didn't matter. He made sure his family knew they were loved, and they were by his side making sure he knew how much he was loved until his last breath. His obituary will be in Sunday's paper. 

Yesterday morning was the breaking point. My husband's grandmother passed away just 4 weeks short of her 99th birthday, with her husband of 76 years holding her hand as he told her he loved her. Jason's grandparents were more like parents to him. They were his world and the two people he (and I) admire most. 

Now you see the need for a little bit of sparkle and cheer in my life. As I unwrapped my wise man and saw Dorothy smiling back at me, I felt connected to her. I hope she had a tremendous amount of love in her life the way Aunt Janet, Gnarly and Grandma did. I hope the last thing she was able to hear as she slipped away was someone telling her how much she was loved. She has helped to keep my precious Nativity safe for the past 5 years. I didn't know Dorothy, but she still makes me smile every year when I see her. Maybe my loved ones will be making some stranger smile years down the road when they unwrap their treasures.


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