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Gnawing Off The Nail Polish...

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Last Thursday my son, Coen, attended his first fundraising gala as my plus one. If you've never been the parent of a 16 year-old boy, let me tell you, this was a magical moment. 1. He said he would go willingly. 2. He had to dress up in a suit. 3. He had to socialize with adults all evening long. 4. Did I mention he was going with ME???? Just a mom and her boy!

To say I was excited about him spending time with me is an understatement. I was a little ridiculous. I had just purchased a new dress to wear to our work holiday party and decided to give it a spin that night. I went and got my hair cut and had Miss Amy make the gray hairs go away. Then, I painted my nails. Let me be clear here. I NEVER paint my nails. I dug through my 12 year old daughter's room until I found all the nail polish (because she has claimed all the nail polish that enters our home as hers). I put about 6 coats of this cheap thin crap on my nails until it looked passable as real nail polish. 

We had a WONDERFUL time at the Goodwill Taste Of Vintage Gala! We ate, we placed some bids and we mingled. He looked so handsome and he was absolutely the sweetest boy in the world (again, let me remind you that he's a 16 year old boy... not always so sweet). I was on cloud nine!

By the time my alarm went off at 4am Friday morning, the nail polish was already beginning to chip and flake. It looked awful. I tried to find the nail polish remover but couldn't find any anywhere. It's now Wednesday. Tomorrow will be one week since I painted my nails for mother/ son date night. I still haven't been able to find any nail polish remover, and I haven't remembered to pick any up in the 6 times I've had to run to the store to grab something real quick. I have resorted to scraping the nail polish off of my fingers with my other nails... so attractive. So mature. So... Mom Life. What have the girls done with all the nail polish remover? Why can't I ever find anything when I need it? Oh, that's right. I have children. I love them, but eventually most of your things are stolen, lost or broken. It's why we can't have nice things.... but we love those little monsters!! 

If you happen to bump into me at the grocery store, can you please remind me to grab some nail polish remover? 



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