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Being connected...

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The struggle is real with these teens, y'all. I have three - 16, 14 & 12 (not technically a teen, but she's 12 going on 21.) I hear people say all the time, "These kids today...",  "Back in our day my mom would have..." fill in the blank with a million different things our moms would have done and ways our childhood was different.

Let me tell you about "Back in MY day...". There was no internet. like, NO INTERNET. Plus, once there was an internet, only a few of my friends had it at their house. Only a few people even had computers at their houses. If I had to turn something in that was typed, it was done on a typewriter, or I was at the library trying to figure out the computer there. I was in college you guys. I was a full on adult with a husband by the time I had a computer at my home. He was one of the few people I knew with the internet and a computer... it came with him when we moved in together. I remember when I got my first cell phone. I had already worked at WONE for several years at that point - again. I was a full grown woman. Since then, technology has been a blur. I'm not alone in this technological journey, but here is why I bring it up, our kids have never experienced an unconnected world. 

Now everyone is connected to the internet, and the internet connects everyone to everyone else - it's both good and bad... and scary. There's photographic and video evidence of EVERYTHING.. and people feel they can say & do anything behind the comfort of their screens. The lack of personal connection has perhaps led to a loss of humanity, but that's a different subject. The point is, our kids are exposed to things we never even dreamed of as children. 

We learned how to parent from our parents... and they weren't competing with electronics and information at the touch of your finger right there in your pocket. If we wanted to know something, we pulled out the Encyclopedia Britannica and looked it up. In most cases, you had to ride your bike to the local library to look it up too! Parenting is something you make up as you go, and hope you're doing something right along the way. Jason & I have no idea how to parent "connected kids", but we're trying. We might screw it up, but hopefully not too bad. Our kids will learn from our mistakes when it's their time to figure out the whole parenting thing. We're all figuring it out together. Let's help each other out and lift each other up. We're just doing our best, and that's all we can do. As fast as technology moves, can you imagine what OUR kids will be saying when they start with "Back when I was a kid we didn't have...". 

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