Tuesday, 20 August 2019 05:25

Trees are nice... until they aren't.

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We have trees. Giant trees and lots of trees. About a month ago about half of one tree came down in the back yard urging us to give it some attention. We figured while we're at it, let just get a couple others taken down that we've been talking about. We had a few companies out to give us quotes, and one guy discovered that the tree right on top of the house is actually rotting at the base. Cool! Those huge storms came through the night before the tree guys showed up and I was up all night worried about this giant tree crushing my children in their sleep. Thankfully we weren't hit as hard as my mom was over in Ellet. The pictures of the damage in Ellet, Mogodore & Tallmadge. 

Trees are expensive. We knew that going in but it doesn't lessen the sticker shock. I was telling the tree woes to our Gm, Thom. He was the one who said, "Trees are nice, until they aren't." So true. 

Andrew and his crew at Petrarca Landcare came out yesterday morning & the tree removal has begun! I was worried about tree removal regret. There is none! The plants in the front of my house are about to go into shock with the amount of sun they're going to get, plus I can now grow something besides hostas in my yard!!!! Landscaping is about to get a little crazy at my house!! 


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