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Never-ending Home Updates.

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The beautiful thing about home ownership is that nothing will ever be finished. Just as you finish one project, there's another waiting for you. Also, no project can just go smoothly. You'll probably hear about quite a few of my ongoing projects. 

The latest fun at Casa Sandra is The Wall. My 14 year old is getting a wall. The front sitting room was my secret getaway, until she finally decided she had put up with her little sister long enough and claimed the front room for herself. After a few months, we finally agreed and out mom's stuff went, and in went the bed and all the rest of her stuff. The only problem is that when people showed up at my house they were basically walking into my teenage daughter's room... you can only imagine. 

So, a year later she finally gets a wall! The crew from Props Consultants have been here all week. Mike has spent his days here pulling up old floor & building the wall. It's coming along. Soon we'll have a new entryway and Ravenna will have a real bedroom complete with a closet. 

The hiccup? The wallpaper. Old 1960's super textured grass paper that has been painted a few times lines the walls of the front of the house and all the way down the hall. There is no taking it down. It would be a bigger, much more expensive job to remove the paper. It stays. The problem is that we took out the nifty brick planter and shelf. There is now a huge chunk of wall with no nubby grass paper covering it. I found grass paper, but it's not as nubby. I guess we will find out this weeknend how crafty I am... 

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