Wednesday, 07 August 2019 11:57

The letter came...

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The letter came Monday. The one from the school letting the kids know what time the bus would pick them up to take them to school. AAAAHHHHH!!!

I know I'm not the only one wondering where summer went! We made so many plans in May! We were going to go to Cedar Point. Hike more! Go kayaking! day trips, Hartville Flea Market... Come on! School starts in 2 weeks? 

My son started band and golf at the high school last week, and next week is schedule pick up for him & my 8th grade daughter. I've already started buying supplies and new shoes too. The return of school isn't shocking me, but the lack of items checked off of our list sucks. 

We had a good summer though. My son spent 2 weeks away from us all at camp. We escaped to a quiet lake in the middle of the woods in Kentucky with 15 other family members. We relaxed, hiked & kayaked while we were there, so that was nice. We took of just the 5 of us and headed to the beach where we splashed in the waves, ate seafood and worked on our farmers tans. I always enjoy the time I spend at WONE events meeting and visiting with you guys, our listeners. It was a good, full summer. It just wasn't quite the summer we had planned at the beginning. 

School, schmool. We still have plenty of sunny days left. We are going to squeeze out every last little bit of summer until the last leaf falls and the cold wind blows! We've got this! I'll see you at the flea market! 

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