Monday, 08 November 2021 09:43

I Want Candy

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It's a myth that Asian folk don't eat sweets. Yes, with many Asian people being thinner than most it's a common belief. But let me tell ya-- we do have sweets. My mom is Korean, and I remember as a child loving rice candy. The candy would come in a cute box with a toy or sticker. The candy itself was delish-- an amber honey-ish, chewy substance wrapped in clear rice paper. It was weird at first not trying to "unwrap" the candy, because that's the Western thing to do. But the rice paper yummily melts in your mouth right before you start to savor the amber sweetness.

With the popularity of Squid Game, and the one challenge involving Dalgona Candy, many people have decided they want to try this treat. So here you go-- an easy way to make your own Dalgona. Whether you challenge someone to a game with dire consequences is up to you. LOL


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