Wednesday, 02 October 2019 06:03

Let It Breathe

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The last bit of heat has brought out the last bit of bitty clothing. While hitting up a local store, I was behind this young gal. Yes. It's 90 degrees out. On October 1st. But here's an older-woman-helpful-hint-moment: Let. It. Breathe. No need to strangle your "southern hemisphere" with cotton and denim. Defeats the purpose of staying cool and comfortable. And what's the deal with your slippers? Love 'em-- but not for public prancing around. I would have to burn them because they'll never touch a floor in my house again. That's another older-woman-helpful-hint.

P.S. And I can't believe your momma let you out of the house in those shorts. Oh. I see what she's wearing. Wasn't able to snap a sneaky pic of that...

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