Saturday, 11 April 2020 06:24

Masks, Jobs and Some Myths!

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Masks, Jobs and Some Myths! Sandra Miller
I sure hope you're making it through the quarantine without too much hassle.
Rest assured we will do all we can to help you out with prizes that put food on your table and more.  Right above this blog is a list of businesses that are open including restaurants for take-out.  Check out our WONE Facebook page to post any information about your business.  We also have a list of companies that are hiring right now including Acme Fresh Market, Aldi, Amazon, Fulton Hardware, Lowes, Home Depot, Target and more.
I want to thank Sandra’s Mom for making a face mask for me.  I wear it.  It’s not easy finding them in stores.  It’s even hard to find elastic for straps.  But, you can easily make one out of a bandana, scarf or a tee shirt.  Some of your old rock n roll tee shirts that don’t fit anymore…could make for a cool design!  
After you use it…you can wash it out or iron it.  DO NOT put it in the microwave like Sandra did with hers!  She put it in a plastic bag and popped it in the microwave for 2 minutes…it caught on fire and now her house smells!  (by the way she had read on the internet that putting it in the microwave was fine…duh)  Take care and thank you for keeping in on 97.5 WONE.  
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