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Want to See a Tornado Up Close?

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Want to See a Tornado Up Close? CBS News
A Mad Max vehicle?  Nope…this baby will take you to a tornado!  Ryan Shepard has been storm chasing for 14 years and now owns a specially built vehicle that is designed to go through tornadoes — it was tested in winds from a jet engine as well as 175 mph winds from an actual tornado.
It’s built out of the frame of a Dodge Ram 3500 truck. It is a 14,000 pound armored vehicle that has a 90 gallon tank and can travel 800 miles without a refill. 
The vehicle not only features eight layers in the walls that are two inches thick, the windows use bulletproof glass, and there are 10 special tires that the body sits on. Spikes can be pushed into the ground to help the TIV stay planted in one location and the armor around the vehicle can be moved with hydraulics to cover the bottom completely. (This keeps the wind from coming under and pushing the TIV upwards.)  Here’s more:  https://denver.cbslocal.com/2020/01/13/tornado-intercept-vehicle-ryan-shepard-colorado-storm-chasing/?fbclid=IwAR2oTPvfyR96SNkHUrIQJwFYf8ojYQhpY1eSGy2fDkw94LA4TIDE4eL9spc
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