Sunday, 05 January 2020 07:37

Gene Simmons Eats WHAT?!!

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Gene Simmons Eats WHAT?!! Gene Simmons Twitter
Want to eat like a rock star?  No I’m not talking about steak and lobster.  Gene Simmons says he loves chocolate cheerios with ice cubes. 
Elvis had his peanut butter and banana sandwiches with bacon and fried in butter, while recording, David Bowie drank milk and ate red peppers, Roger Daltry always wanted a bottle vodka back stage and a jar of honey, the foo fighters ate keilbasi and I just sat next to Dave Grohl in a polish L.A. restraint and he was eating keilbasi, , Keith Richards must have a sheperds pie before a show and he likes to break the crust before anyone else.  He once refused to go on stage because the band’s security team ate his pie. The show was delayed until he got one too.  Vince Neal loves peanut butter and doritos, and Billy Idol would eat Pepperidge Farm chocolate chip cookies for dinner. Hey, ya gotta be happy! 
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