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The Day They Said the Browns Were Leaving

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The Day They Said the Browns Were Leaving Darren Rovell
November 6th is the anniversary of Art Modell announcing he was moving the Browns to Baltimore.  It was 1995 and all of us were mad as hell!!!  
How could this man leave the city with OUR Cleveland Browns?!!  What to do?
I decided to hang Art, David and coach Bill in effigy!  We would do it before the
last home game in downtown Cleveland.  My phones lit up and the steelworkers were first to call and volunteer to build the gallows!  Artists designed and printed sweatshirts.  A woman provided the faces for the dummies.  Thousands showed up and we broadcasted the event live on the radio.  It was all over TV too.  Art later said he couldn’t go back to Cleveland because they hanged him.  Sad Day! 
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