Tuesday, 01 October 2019 15:17

Rock n Roll Reading

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Rock n Roll Reading Harper Collins Publishing
Remember, the group Blondie with lead singer Debbie Harry? She has a new Memoir out called, "Face it." 368 pages of sex, drugs and rock n roll and how her, and her boyfriend guitarist Chris Stein made it big. Chris was on unemployment and Debbie was a bikini bartender. They played in the clubs almost every night…some places only paid them in beers. She talks about how she would pose for album covers…and Chris would take the pictures….she said she always got him hot…and they would end up in bed after each session. And you won’t believe what she said about David Bowie. Evidently Bowie was pretty well endowed and didn’t mind showing everyone backstage. If you're a Blondie fan, this is a very candid look at how they made it in the world of Rock n Roll.
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