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Stay Clear of THIS

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Promoters have been trying to organize what they call the Woodstock 50 concert.  A 50th anniversary concert of the one

that nearly 400,000 people attended back in 1969.  It's supposed to take place the weekend of August 16th. 

They've already lost $18 million and have missed deadlines for permits and plans.  Many towns have said no to the show but Vernon, New York

was a possibility because of a large racetrack called, "Vernon Downs."  However, organizers have failed to apply for permits on-time and the

applications have been incomplete.  The residents of Vernon are against the concert siting, trash, traffic, drugs and mayhem as reasons. 

Woodstock 50 must provide plans for traffic control and parking, drinking water, toilets and sewage disposal, sleeping areas, food service,

medical facilities, fire protection, mosquito control and other matters that may be appropriate for security of life or health.  This is mandated by the State of New York. 

Time is running out.   In a last ditch effort organizers have asked the town of Vernon to, " Let peace, love and music prevail."  The town is saying, not

at our expense.  My suggestion: stay clear of this event.  Plain and simple.

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