Sandra Miller

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Sandra Miller can be heard waking you up with Jeff Kinzbach weekday mornings. She is a long-time jock on WONE and still one of the youngest. How does she do it?

Sandra started her radio path at the tender age of 14 volunteering on-­air at WAPS. In the fall of 1998, Sandra joined the 97.5 WONE staff doing weekends and overnight, followed by many years as the 7pm-­midnight jock then later as the midday hostess.

Sandra grew up in Ellet, spending much of her time hanging out at her parents' bakery, Bon Ton (yes, the little bakery on Canton Rd. across from Ritzman). She married her high school sweetheart, Jason, in 2001, and together they have three rock star kids; Coen, Ravenna & LilyAnn.