Monday, 25 January 2021 10:32

North Canton Bakery Makes Bernie Meme Into Cookies

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Bernie and his mittens are now a cookie. Bernie and his mittens are now a cookie. Photo Credit: A Little Chunk of Goodness

I'll never understand what criteria there is for something so unremarkable to turn into a meme, but Bernie Sanders clearly checked all the boxes when he showed up at the inauguration last week in a comfy coat, and big ol' mittens.

The photo memes are everywhere.

Since this is America, a few entreprenuers have siezed the moment by creating Bernie dolls, bobbleheads, and shirts.

A North Canton bakery is getting in on the action by creating a set of Bernie cookies.

For $15, you can order three cookies from Little Chunk of Goodness. One cookie is a representation of Bernie and his mittens on his chair, and the two others look like the mittens.

You can order them here. Enjoy!

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