Craig Michaels

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I'm your ex-patriot Canadian host weekday early afternoons from 10am - 2pm. Though I don’t have the ‘metal band' hair I sported in the 80’s, I’m a self-described ‘musicologist' who still lives and breaths the classic rock we play on WONE.

When I'm not 'musicologing' (it's a word now!) I enjoy working on my century-old Craftsman-style home, or watching the guys on 'This Old House' work on someone else's. D-I-Y porn. Thanks for letting me keep you company while you rock out.

A northeast Ohio non-profit is looking for donations of music memorabilia and experiences for a silent auction to raise money for struggling live music venues. The coronavirus pandemic has hit the entertainment industry hard. Live music venues that don't serve food, and rely solely on admission fees and drink sales…