Friday, 08 October 2021 10:08

Real Men DO Wear Pink

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Yes, that's me... Ryan Lang, the news guy. And yes, I own a pink body suit... It's true. 

But what's also true is that Real Men Wear Pink. That's the American Cancer Society campaign to raise awareness and money to support the American Cancer Society's mission and save more lives than ever before from breast cancer through the month of October, which (coincidentally?) is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

My Mom, Rosalie, fought through a long battle with the disease and unfortunately she passed back in 1999. She fought hard and she fought well, and I don't like to think of it as her "losing her battle" with cancer. No, I think she won. 


My Mom won in the sense that she helped so many other women suffering from the same disease through her work with the American Cancer Society. She won in the sense that she took the disease to the 12th round and gave it everything she had. She won in the sense that she never, not once, let the disease define who she was and how she would live. My Mom was a fighter and not only for herself or her family. She was a fighter for the woman who maybe didn't have all the support she had and needed someone to stand in their corner. 

So for my Mom and for all of the other Moms and Sisters and Daughters and Aunts and Neighbors and Friends I wear pink. And I proudly support the American Cancer Society. 

Thank YOU for your support: Click here to donate to Ryan's Real Men Wear Pink Campaign 


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