Nick Zopolis

staff tim homeNick grew up in Parma in a loud Greek family. Neighbors with their pink flamingos and pierogies were outmatched by blue and white flags, statues, lambs roasting on a spit in
the backyard, large parties and Greek music blaring into the wee hours of the night. Right out of high school, Nick got started in radio on the street team for 107.9 The End. Cleveland music and radio icon Michael Stanley taught him the audio board and then he picked up some comedic inspiration working with Akron radio legend Jim Chenot. In Canton, Nick’s wild night show brought out the crazy in everyone for many years. He jumped at the chance at reaching larger audiences and moved to Louisville, Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay. Nick also remotely rocked Atlanta, Jacksonville, Richmond, Albuquerque, Roanoke and more.

"Home is home, no matter what. I enjoyed my experiences and some warmer weather, but I was able to learn the business around different people at different stations. It’s how my unique style on-air evolved. Ohio though has been the best. Morning radio staple Matt Spatz keeps me sharp and is a phenomenal person who I’ve been fortunate to
work alongside. Listeners in Akron, Canton and Youngstown are some of the coolest a radio guy could ask for. I am off the scale excited about being home and heard in my hometown!"

Nick lives in Akron now with his charismatic wife and four awesome kids. "I’m proud of my wife for her work in healthcare and love that she can always make me laugh. We have a flute player in band, one on the swim team and two future stars who enjoy singing, dancing and theater. Akron is perfect for our family because it’s central to everywhere in the entire Northeast Ohio area."

"Being on this all-star lineup at 97.5 WONE and surrounded by the best in the area is a thrill. I couldn’t have ever imagined being so lucky to come back home where I did myfirst show. It means a lot to me being here on a station that has long developed such a close tie to the community it serves. WONE earned Legendary Heritage Rock Station status a long time ago and is every bit of Akron as Goodyear and LeBron. I never take one break for granted every time I switch the mic on."

Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Favorite band: TOOL
Zodiac sign: Pisces
Second language: Greek
Years in broadcasting: 20+
Greatest of all time: Ric Flair
Favorite food: Pizza
Ice cream or Candy: Ice cream
Dogs or Cats: 1 dog, 2 cats