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Divine Dish

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I read a story recently about the most-Googled odd Thanksgiving side dishes. The most popular, including in Ohio? Ambrosia Salad. I think my aunt used to make it when I was a kid as part of her Thanksgiving spread. It got its name because the ingredients were considered luxurious and exotic-- a treat that only the mythological gods and goddesses could eat.

In case you're feeling nostalgic, or have never had this treat, here's the recipe:

Ambrosia Salad


8 oz container Cool Whip
½ cup sour cream 
10 oz can mandarin oranges 
15 oz can pineapple tidbits, drained
16 oz jar maraschino cherries, drained
1 cup mini marshmallows 
1 cup sweetened shredded coconut


First, fold together the Cool Whip and sour cream in a large bowl. Next, fold in the oranges, pineapple, cherries, marshmallows, and coconut. Then cover with plastic wrap and set it in the fridge to chill for at least one hour. Finally, garnish the salad with mini marshmallows, shredded coconut, and maraschino cherries before serving.

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