Wednesday, 28 September 2022 12:10

And Then There Was One

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Ah, the good ol' days of going to the video story to rent a bunch of movies to watch over the weekend. My mom and I used to hit up the video store when I was a kid, early Friday evening, when the manager of the store would put the tags out for the new releases. My mom was a pro at stalking the manager (in a non-felonious way!) and snagging the new releases. We'd then stop and get snacks for our weekend of movies. While technology makes everything easily and readily available, it doesn't have the same charm that those days did. 

There is one Blockbuster video left in all of the U.S. And it's in Bend, Oregon. You can rent DVDs for $4 with late fees capped at $10. Membership cards are available, but they're handwritten. The store is more of a shrine to the video store heyday. and would make a fun road trip if you were already out West doing your thing. Read more about the last Blockbuster HERE before you Netflix and (maybe) chill.

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