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Jeff Kinzbach in the Morning (409)

Tuesday, 15 May 2018 10:44

Joke Of The Day 5/15/18

Today's joke is from Patti Bower. 


Monday, 14 May 2018 08:29

Joke Of The Day 5/14/18

Today's joke comes from Katie in North Royalton. ...... AND it earned JOKE OF THE WEEK! 


Friday, 11 May 2018 10:52

Joke Of The Day 5/11/18

Today's joke from Brett Lausin Sr. was good, but it was Ron Foreman's joke from Monday that won joke of the week! 


Thursday, 10 May 2018 09:26

Joke Of The Day 5/10/18

Today's joke is from Denny Henke. 


Wednesday, 09 May 2018 09:08

Joke Of The Day 5/9/18

Tom Bruce sent in a bunch of one-liners for Joke Of The Day today. 

Wednesday, 09 May 2018 09:07

Joke Of The Day 5/8/18

Today's joke was submitted by Dodger Doug! 


Monday, 07 May 2018 10:39

Joke Of The Day 5/7/18

Our joke today is from Ron Foreman of North Canton. 


Friday, 04 May 2018 09:35

Joke Of The Day 5/4/18

Today's joke is from Patti Bower, but it was yesterday's joke from Tim Chapin that took home Joke Of The Week. 


Thursday, 03 May 2018 12:16

Joke Of The Day 5/3/18

Today's joke is from Tim Chapin of Akron. 


Wednesday, 02 May 2018 11:34

Joke Of The Day 5/2/18

Today's joke was submitted by Rich Lanser. 

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