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Tuesday, 27 August 2019 08:45

Do you make those Facebook recipes?

I get so hungry, I mean inspired when I see all the cool recipes people share on Facebook. If they look super tasty I share them so I will be able to find them. Every once in a while I actually get around to making it. Sometimes I nail it, sometimes not so much. Here's the latest find... I am going to need to have a party just so I can make these little sandwiches!! Football watch party??? 

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Saturday Night is WONE Night at Canal Park! They're celebrating The Office with a Kevin Malone Chili bobblehead for the first 1,000 fans who enter the park. Brian Baumgartner a.k.a. Kevin Malone was supposed to join us at the game, but sometimes things happen and he had to cancel his appearance. Don't fret Office fans...

Stanley Hudson (aka Leslie David Baker) will be pinch-hitting for his buddy Kevin Malone on Saturday night at Canal Park.  Stanley will be on-site signing autographs and tossing a ceremonial first pitch. Unfortunately the park isn't air conditioned... but we can buy you a WONE Bavarian Rhapsody Sandwich!


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There are only a handful of games left at Akron's Canal Park to see your Akron RubberDucks! Canal Park is such a gem here in Akron. Games are fun & affordable and the promotions at the park are the best. Every Saturday home game is WONE Night at Canal Park. This Saturday is "The Office" night at Canal park with an appearance by Kevin Malone actor, Brian Baumgartner.* The first 1,000 fans through the gates will get a Kevin Malone bobblehead with his big pot of chili. Watch the giant scoreboard for yours truly alongside of Jeff Kinzbach. 

I'll give you a little sneak peek of the final bobblehead of the season next Saturday (8/31). It's the first fan vote bobblehead as the ball club celebrates 30 years in the 330 and it features fan favorite Francisco Lindor. He was one of the players to sport both an Akron Aeros jersey and a Rubberducks jersey. He played the final year of the Aeros and the first year of the Ducks.

If you haven't made it to Canal Park for a game, I highly recommend it! It really is a great experience! 


* UPDATE: Brian Baungartner had to cancel his appearance this Saturday. Stanley Hudson (aka Leslie David Baker) will be pinch-hitting for his buddy Kevin Malone on Saturday night at Canal Park.

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Tuesday, 20 August 2019 05:25

Trees are nice... until they aren't.

We have trees. Giant trees and lots of trees. About a month ago about half of one tree came down in the back yard urging us to give it some attention. We figured while we're at it, let just get a couple others taken down that we've been talking about. We had a few companies out to give us quotes, and one guy discovered that the tree right on top of the house is actually rotting at the base. Cool! Those huge storms came through the night before the tree guys showed up and I was up all night worried about this giant tree crushing my children in their sleep. Thankfully we weren't hit as hard as my mom was over in Ellet. The pictures of the damage in Ellet, Mogodore & Tallmadge. 

Trees are expensive. We knew that going in but it doesn't lessen the sticker shock. I was telling the tree woes to our Gm, Thom. He was the one who said, "Trees are nice, until they aren't." So true. 

Andrew and his crew at Petrarca Landcare came out yesterday morning & the tree removal has begun! I was worried about tree removal regret. There is none! The plants in the front of my house are about to go into shock with the amount of sun they're going to get, plus I can now grow something besides hostas in my yard!!!! Landscaping is about to get a little crazy at my house!! 


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Thursday, 15 August 2019 15:44

Woodstock 50

August 15, 1969 was the start of three of the most magical days in music history. I wasn't even born yet. My mom begged my dad to let her go, but with a newborn and a toddler at home, he was having none of it. She was always the hippie of the two of them... still is. She was there in spirit. 

I can't even imagine what it would have been like to be there, but wow, that would have been amazing!

Tonight my house, like many others, is rocking with Woodstock - on vinyl, because how else could you listen to Woodstock?? 

Be listening to 97.5 WONE all weekend long as we remember those three days of Peace, Love & Music. 

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Wednesday, 14 August 2019 10:23

Never-ending Home Updates.

The beautiful thing about home ownership is that nothing will ever be finished. Just as you finish one project, there's another waiting for you. Also, no project can just go smoothly. You'll probably hear about quite a few of my ongoing projects. 

The latest fun at Casa Sandra is The Wall. My 14 year old is getting a wall. The front sitting room was my secret getaway, until she finally decided she had put up with her little sister long enough and claimed the front room for herself. After a few months, we finally agreed and out mom's stuff went, and in went the bed and all the rest of her stuff. The only problem is that when people showed up at my house they were basically walking into my teenage daughter's room... you can only imagine. 

So, a year later she finally gets a wall! The crew from Props Consultants have been here all week. Mike has spent his days here pulling up old floor & building the wall. It's coming along. Soon we'll have a new entryway and Ravenna will have a real bedroom complete with a closet. 

The hiccup? The wallpaper. Old 1960's super textured grass paper that has been painted a few times lines the walls of the front of the house and all the way down the hall. There is no taking it down. It would be a bigger, much more expensive job to remove the paper. It stays. The problem is that we took out the nifty brick planter and shelf. There is now a huge chunk of wall with no nubby grass paper covering it. I found grass paper, but it's not as nubby. I guess we will find out this weeknend how crafty I am... 

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Tuesday, 13 August 2019 05:27

Early risers? eh...

Are you an early riser? They call the natural early risers "Advanced Sleepers"... what ever. 

Once upon a time my eyes popped open at 6:30-7am, I would have a cup of coffee & head out to the garden. It was lovely. Then the bus started picking kids up at 6:30 and we had to start getting up at 5:30... not so lovely. Then Jeff Kinzbach was all, "Hey! You should do the morning show with me!" and the alarm moved to 4am. It was about that time I decided that I may not be an early riser...   I love my job. I love doing the show with Jeff & once that mic opens at 5:30 I'm having fun. After almost 2 years, I still haven't gotten used to getting out of bed at 4am, but it's totally worth it. 

Why do I bring it up? I read a story today (at 5am) that the University of California San Francisco did a study & found that at least one in 300 adults is an extreme early bird, or as they call it “advanced sleepers.” These people typically fall asleep before 8:30pm and wake up on their own before 5:30am. I've seen other studies proving that these early risers are way more productive too. 

Look at us, Advanced Sleepin' & Gettin' Things Done! 


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Sunday, 11 August 2019 18:11

Happy Vinyl Day!!

Do you still have your turntable and stereo from years ago? Today (August 12th) is Vinyl Day!! A lot of people say they still favor the sound of vinyl records. Vinyl albums are still big sellers and the quality is much improved. Sales continue to rise. Last year 18 million vinyl records were sold. The Eagles Greatest Hits, Queen's Greatest Hits, Fleetwood Mac Rumors, Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd still lead the pack. Think about it...this is 100 year old technology making a comeback from near extinction. Even new bands are releasing their material on vinyl. If you don't have a turntable, there now is a new device that you place on your record and it drives around and plays it while sending the sound to your favorite device. I kid you not, you just place the album on a flat surface and the device does all the work. It's called RokBlok and it's definitely a different spin on things!

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Thursday, 08 August 2019 10:40

Rock Week at Blossom!

How many concerts have you gone to at Blossom this week?  Heart, Joan Jett & Elle King rocked Sunday night, Santana & The Doobie Brothers killed it last night & tonight Peter Frampton says Farewell with some help from Jason Bonham. 

I rolled in here Monday morning on Heart fumes, and tomorrow morning I will "feel like we do"... the morning after. I wanted to be at the show last night too, but I just don't think I could handle 3 concerts in one week. I've spoken to few people who are doing it though. God love them! 

If you're heading out to the show tonight, look for me! I would love it if you stopped me to say HI! 


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Wednesday, 10 July 2019 11:12

Joke Of The Day 7/10/19

Today's joke is a two-parter from Hillbilly Hector! 


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