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Sunday, 11 August 2019 18:11

Happy Vinyl Day!!

Do you still have your turntable and stereo from years ago? Today (August 12th) is Vinyl Day!! A lot of people say they still favor the sound of vinyl records. Vinyl albums are still big sellers and the quality is much improved. Sales continue to rise. Last year 18 million vinyl records were sold. The Eagles Greatest Hits, Queen's Greatest Hits, Fleetwood Mac Rumors, Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd still lead the pack. Think about it...this is 100 year old technology making a comeback from near extinction. Even new bands are releasing their material on vinyl. If you don't have a turntable, there now is a new device that you place on your record and it drives around and plays it while sending the sound to your favorite device. I kid you not, you just place the album on a flat surface and the device does all the work. It's called RokBlok and it's definitely a different spin on things!

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Thursday, 08 August 2019 10:40

Rock Week at Blossom!

How many concerts have you gone to at Blossom this week?  Heart, Joan Jett & Elle King rocked Sunday night, Santana & The Doobie Brothers killed it last night & tonight Peter Frampton says Farewell with some help from Jason Bonham. 

I rolled in here Monday morning on Heart fumes, and tomorrow morning I will "feel like we do"... the morning after. I wanted to be at the show last night too, but I just don't think I could handle 3 concerts in one week. I've spoken to few people who are doing it though. God love them! 

If you're heading out to the show tonight, look for me! I would love it if you stopped me to say HI! 


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Wednesday, 10 July 2019 11:12

Joke Of The Day 7/10/19

Today's joke is a two-parter from Hillbilly Hector! 


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Tuesday, 09 July 2019 11:08

Joke Of The Day 7/9/19

This joke is from Tom Bruce. 

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Monday, 08 July 2019 10:24

Rock Talk - Pink Floyd Guitars

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Monday, 08 July 2019 09:19

Rock Talk - 4th of July

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Monday, 08 July 2019 09:17

Rock Talk - Mick Jagger

Jeff dishes out on Mick Jagger... 

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Monday, 08 July 2019 08:15

Joke Of The Day 7/8/19

Today's joke is from Tara Holl! 

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Monday, 01 July 2019 10:03

Dear Evan Hansen

Yesterday afternoon we FINALLY got to see Dear Evan Hansen at Playhouse Square. It. Was. AMAZING. 

I will even go so far as to say it has taken the top spot on my favorite stage productions. What a powerful story. I don't want to give too much away and spoil it for anyone, but I do want to talk about how modern this was. It dealt with teens, parents, social media, suicide, loneliness, anxiety, outcasts, and everything we, as families are going through on a daily basis. My husband and I took all three of our kids, our soon to be 16 and 14 years olds and our newly turned 12 year old. To share a story as dynamic as Dear Evan Hansen with our children added to how powerful the message of the musical was. The relationship between Evan and his mother mimics that of my son & I. The Murphy's family dynamics struck true to us as well. The distance with each other we have at times, the denial, the going through the motions of it all, and even the cruelness siblings can sometimes inflict on each other. Evan's mom is a single, working mom just trying her best to keep it all in tact. She wants to do the best she can for her son, get him the help he needs to boost his confidence and deal with his anxiety. The Murphy's are so busy living in their own realities (and denying them as well). Mrs. Murphy is the optimistic, trying to hold the pieces of her family together mom. She knows there are problems, but she's trying. Mr. Murphy has stopped trying. It's time for tough love, which turns to shutting it all out. Their son Connor has lost his way, and their daughter Zoe wants nothing to do with him. As a parent I can relate to it all.

Talking to my kids after the performance added another layer to it. They were watching the musical from the teens' perspective. They related to the stupid "mom pep talks" that they just don't want to hear. The cancelled plans because mom has to work tonight. The sibling acting like a jerk to them, the pressure to fit in at school and make friends. The constant worry about what is going to be shared about them on social media. 

I was crying a steady stream of tears as voices filled the room during "You Will Be Found" as my husband was trying to not break down sobbing. I looked down the row as the lights came at intermission and my son was trying to collect himself at the end of the aisle. By the end of the second half, as Evan's mom held him on the couch, I was a hot, eyeliner running down my face mess. All three of my kids got it. We got it. This is real life. 

We had to drop my son off at Boy Scout Camp after the musical. He hasn't hugged me that hard in a long time. 

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