Friday, 04 August 2017 09:51

Joke of the Week 8/4/17

jokeoftheweek donkey

Long distance laughs for the Joke of the Week from Tony of Sylvania, snagging that Speedway gift card from Klaben!

A Browns fan walks out of a sports bar to find a little boy playing with a pile of dog poop.

Curious the Brows fan asks “what are you doing with that dog poop?"

The boy responds: “I’m molding a Bengals fan."

About that time a Steelers fan comes out of the bar. The Browns fan says, “Hey,ask that boy what he is making out of that dog poop!"

The Steelers fan asks, “Well, what are ya makin?"

The boy responds "I'm making a Bengals fan."

The Steelers fan asks "why are you making a Bengals fan out of dog poop?"

The boy responds "because I don't have enough poop here to make a Steelers fan."


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