Monday, 19 June 2017 10:54

Joke of the Week 6/16/17

jokeoftheweek donkey

The Joke of the Week is truly we're glad to share. Congrats to Ron Beason of Holmesville, who wins that Klaben $25 Speedway gift card.

A carpenter crew from West Virginia was building a house in Seven Hills. One of the crew had to go to the porta potty and do his thing.

After about ten minutes he came out, went to the lumber pile grabbed a 2x4 and put a nail in it. He then went back into the porta potty. The crew leader noticed this and went down to see what the hell was going on.

When he opened the door the man was just pulling his lunch bag out of the porta potty hole. With a surprised look on his face he looked at the man and said “you’re not going to eat that are you?”

The man turned and replied “HELL no, but my chewin' tobacco was in there.”


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