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Joke of the Week 1/15

Now THIS WONE Joke of the Week has a disclaimer: do NOT read this an hour before -- or after -- lunch! Tim Watts of Norton gets the Klaben Auto Works package for this gem.

Steeler Jim was working as a truck driver. One day as he was out near the outskirts of Pittsburgh he starts feeling really hungry. He sees Jacks Greasy Spoon near the roadside and decides to go in.

He saunters up to the counter and takes a stool and says to the one-toothed, eye-patched waitress, "Hey darlin whatcha got good to eat besides yourself?"

Through the giggles and slobbers she says "...our house chili is on special today. We make it daily." Steeler Jim replies that sounds good get a bowl.

Well Jim eats that bowl right down and still feels hungry. "Hey sweetie could I get another bowl of chili?"

"Sorry," she says, "that was the last of it."

At this point Jim notices another patron next to him with his head down on the counter moaning and a bowl full of that chili sitting there to waste. "Hey buddy are you gonna eat that," asks Jim.

The guy groans...."No, no."

"Do you mind if I do," asks Jim. "Go ahead," the man replies.

Jim tears into the chili and when he gets to the bottom there's an eyeball in it.

Steeler Jim throws it all back up in the bowl. He looks at the guy and says "...did you know there was an eyeball in the bottom of that bowl?"

"Yeah," the other guy snarls. "I had the same reaction myself!"

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